Attack on Titan Final Season Releases Part 3 Poster

Attack on Titan fans are buzzing today, and it isn't just because of its big finale. Today, the season part of season four came to a close, but its post-credits reveal has everyone talking. After all, Attack on Titan confirmed its final season will wrap next year, and a poster for part three has been shared.

As you can see below, the key visual showcases some familiar characters in the worst way possible. Armin is at the front of the group, and his stance shows confidence that fans don't often associate with the boy. After all, Armin spent the first bit of Attack on Titan as a nervous wreck, but he has come far from where he started.

Of course, Mikasa is just behind the boy, and they are joined by others like Levi, Connie, and Jean. Others like Pieck and Annie can be found amidst the group with Reiner. And to round up the team, we have Gabbie and Falco.

Of course, it is hard to overlook where the group is. The soldiers are all standing in the footprint of a Colossal Titan, and it shows just how awful the Rumbling is. An army of these beasts is making their way to Marley, and the charge is being led by Eren Jaeger.

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Season four took Attack on Titan fans of the anime by surprise when it turned Eren against his allies, and the boy is now humanity's greatest threat. The boy is determined to cull humanity as it threatens his race's existence, but Mikasa and Armin know his decision isn't the answer. Season four will finally pit the trio against one another when it returns in 2023, and fans know Armin will do whatever is necessary to keep Eren from completing his goal... even if that means the worst comes to pass.

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