Avatar: The Last Airbender Inspires Youtube Stars with Cabbage Man Costume

There are lots of characters in the Avatar universe, but fans can only have a few favorites. While much of the Aang gang is represented with fans, there are other characters who get the occasional shoutout. There are also reoccurring figures who do not get enough love, but two Youtube stars changed that with their Halloween costumes this year.

Despite the pandemic, Youtubers Safiya Nygaard and her husband Tyler Williams knew they had to celebrate spooky season. The pair posted videos throughout October as they prepared for the holiday, and the day came for them to share their costumes yesterday. That was where they paid homage to the poor Cabbage Man and his apparently sexy produce.

You can see the costumes above for yourself if you need proof or are in pure disbelief. Nygaard dressed up like a sexy cabbage while Williams is dressed as the old Cabbage Man himself.

"A cabbage man & his sexy cabbage," Nygaard captioned the photos. "Swipe for more surprises, including tyler doing the most to get in character."

As you can tell, Williams really did get into the spirit of things. The man has a spot-on goatee, and he has a cabbage in every photo. He is even shown mourning the loss of his favorite cabbage - AKA, his wife - after she is torn from him by a rogue gust of wind.


This couple's costume is pretty ingenious, and it gives the world a look at its (likely) first sexy cabbage. It plays off one of the funniest bit characters in Avatar, and the Nygaard-Williams squad did this cosplay up just right. So if you have a pitch for the couple next year, you better share them ASAP on Instagram!

What do you think about this Avatar: The Last Airbender look? Will you try to one up it next year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.