The Legend of Korra Cosplay Pictures Its Hero in the Avatar State

Earlier this year, fans gathered to watch The Legend of Korra hit up Netflix, and the series was thrust back into the spotlight for good reason. The show drummed up plenty of conversation as netizens were introduced to Korra for a second time around. Even today, the Avatar fandom is thriving, and its comeback has brought back interest to its cosplay circles. And after doing a bit of research, it seems one fan felt it was time they tried their hands at the Avatar State.

The "Avatar State" was the "ace in the hole" for both Aang and Korra, allowing them to tap into the previous generations fo Avatar while amplifying their powers in bending as a result. Aang never had a full grasp of how to utilize this state, only being able to have a grasp on the insane power in the final episode of his series in Avatar The Last Airbender. Korra on the other hand got a much firmer grasp on how to utilize this power throughout the series, but still had a number of problems that couldn't simply be brute forced out of the equation.

Instagram Cosplayer Ana Simg shared this impressive cosplay that perfectly captures the Avatar of Korra accessing the amazing power of the Avatar State, which allows her to tape into the powers of the previous holders of the title that worked to unite their worlds:

Avatar The Last Airbender will be returning via an upcoming live action adaptation created specifically for the streaming service of Netflix, though it's unclear if there will ever be such a take on the Legend of Korra. The series has continued via a number of graphic novels thanks to the publishers at Dark Horse Comics, exploring what happens to the current Avatar following the conclusion of the sequel series.

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