Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay Celebrates Ty Lee of the Fire Nation

With the announcement of the creation of Avatar Studios by Paramount, the world of Avatar The Last [...]

With the announcement of the creation of Avatar Studios by Paramount, the world of Avatar The Last Airbender is set to return in the future with an animated movie and new projects for the series, and one fan has honored a fan-favorite villain to celebrate in Ty Lee. The Fire Nation resident didn't have the ability to bend flame, but her acrobatic skills and her ability to strike nerve points made her extremely useful in the battle against Aang and the gang, with her legacy stretching far past the original series.

Ty Lee's ability to strike specific nerve points on an opponent, alongside her insane gymnastic prowess, outlived her life, as they became a "go-to" method for non-benders during Legend of Korra to take down powerful opponents who had power over fire, water, air, and earth. The former Fire Nation villain eventually found herself becoming a Kyoshi warrior, joining alongside Sokka's main squeeze, Suki, in honoring the previous Avatar who had used her station and powers to deal with her opponents in a far deadlier fashion than Aang had. With Avatar Studios promising to return to the world of bending with a new animated feature-length film, it will be interesting to see if Ty Lee is able to make a return in the upcoming endeavor.

Instagram Cosplayer Ithileryn shared this pitch-perfect take on Ty Lee of the Fire Nation, who caused more than a few headaches for Aang and the gang when Azula put together a posse to not only capture the Avatar, but attempt to bring her brother, Zuko, back to their home:

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The story of Ty Lee succeeded the original animated series via graphic novel stories such as The Search and The Promise, which followed the acrobat on her journey as a Kyoshi warrior. Though Lee didn't make an appearance in the Legend of Korra, she remained a fan-favorite character thanks to her bubbly personality and insane fighting abilities that easily made her a match for the benders that she fought against.

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