Avatar: The Last Airbender Cosplay Recreates Katara's Fire Nation Look

Avatar: The Last Airbender's third season featured Aang and the Gaang making their way through the Fire Nation undercover, and now one fiery cosplay has recreated Katara's Fire Nation outfit for the season. The third season of the series carried with it a much different tone as it served as the final arc of the series overall. Going undercover in enemy territory all while trying to master the final element, fire, Aang and the others were challenged in all sorts of complex emotional ways before even getting into actual fights with the Fire Nation.

This was especially true for Katara. She faced several new challenges that made her grow in significant ways such as her mission to save a village under the guise of "The Painted Lady," and her eventually finding out about the dark art of bloodbending (and mastering it shortly thereafter). This was the season we got a darker, and more intense version of Katara as she began growing into adulthood.

This intense new side of Katara was met with a much different look for her time in the Fire Nation, and artist @sanet.cosplay (who you can find more work from on Instagram here) excellent recreated this look through some equally as intense cosplay! It's a tough look to pull off considering how drastically different it is from Katara's usual look in the series, so seeing it brought to life is definitely a treat! Check out the awesome cosplay below:

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Bringing Avatar: The Last Airbender's looks to life seems to be one of the central issues when it comes to live-action takes on the franchise. The new Netflix series no longer has the creators involved anymore, so it should make sure to look to artists like this for ways to bring the series' looks and characters to the real world successfully!

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