Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay Brings The Fearsome Kyoshi To Life

Avatar The Last Airbender has hit the ground floor running with its recent resurgence thanks to being added to Netflix's North American library and one fan has decided to create a cosplay that creates one of the most fearsome Avatars that had ever existed in the form of Kyoshi. With the first series focusing on the character of Aang and his journey to stop the nefarious machinations of the Fire Nation, the protagonist of the animated series met up with his former selves and encountered Kyoshi from time to time to ask her for advice.

Kyoshi didn't appear in the series as much as Aang and Korra, but she did get two novels to her name in the forms of "The Rise Of Kyoshi" and "The Shadow Of Kyoshi" which dove deeper into the life of the Avatar that proved to be one of the oldest women in the world. Kyoshi herself wasn't afraid to fight for a world of peace, using the powers of the Avatar to crush opponents beneath her. While she acted as a spiritual adviser to both Aang and Korra, we're sure there are far more stories that will explore the life of this previous Avatar that could be told!

Instagram Cosplayer KerstinWaty shared this amazing interpretation of one of the strongest Avatars in a long line of benders who had the ability to manipulate fire, water, ice, and air, normally being reincarnated to help protect the world and maintain the balance of those living within it:

Since arriving on Netflix, Avatar The Last Airbender has been the number one watched series for the streaming service, proving that the popularity of the series hasn't diminished since premiering on Nickelodeon fifteen years ago!

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