Beastars Origin Manga to Get Miniseries This Year

Beastars is set to make its big return to Netflix early next year, continuing the story of Legosi and his fellow anthropomorphic classmates as they attempt to decipher the mystery of who has been taking the lives of students within their school, but it seems as if a new chapter of the franchise is being ready to be told in Beastars Complex, releasing later this year! The story, which creator Paru Itagaki touts as being the "origin" of Beastars, will follow a new cast of characters in this brand new manga mini-series that is looking to tell a new chapter in this unique anime universe!

The manga for the popular anime franchise is set to wrap its story in the next few chapters of the publication, bringing a close to the story of Legosi and Haru, the star struck lovers that acted as the main protagonists of the series. With the second season set to launch next year, it will be interesting to see how much of the manga's story is covered in this new bevy of episodes and how many more seasons will be approved of when it comes to Netflix's original anime series. As the big mystery is sure to unfold of who the murderer of "prey" is in the series, season two is definitely highly anticipated!

Beastars Anime
(Photo: Studio Orange)

Beast Complex is set to release via Weekly Shonen Champion in Japan, starting in March of 2021, telling a new tale involving a slew of new characters that apparently lay the foundation for the story we came to know via Netflix's anime series:

"A tiger and a beaver who grew up together defy peer pressure to end their friendship and join forces to fight injustice. A camel journalist who spent his career passing judgment on carnivores spends a life-changing night with a seductive wolf. A saltwater crocodile and a gazelle must find a way to work together as chef and assistant on a cooking show with flagging ratings. A fox and a chameleon wrestle with stereotypes about each other—and themselves. And much more…"

Beastars has offered fans a unique anime tale that has become a hit on Netflix and we can't wait to read this "origin tale" when it arrives next year!


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