Berserk Fans Animate Major Battle in Slick Teaser

The anime franchise of Berserk is certainly known for its brutal battles, with the black swordsman Guts having to swing his giant sword against countless demons. With last year seeing the passing of Kentaro Miura, the future of the franchise is a mystery, but one fan animator has put together a brief clip that brings on of Guts' biggest fights to life, with the battle against Rosine never making it to any of the anime series.

Rosine was different from her fellow Apostles in Berserk in the fact that she was only a child when she struck a deal with the Godhand, transforming her into a demon that looks more like an elf than the normal monstrosities that Guts found himself battling against in the series. Unfortunately for the Black Swordsman, Rosine was anything but weak, as she harbored a number of abilities that nearly sent Guts to the grave, including using the bodies of children on the battlefield as if they were bombs. Ultimately, Rosine fell before Guts, and it remains one of the biggest battles of the series that never made its way into the world of animation.

Animator Mark Reymer shared this brief eight-second teaser that recreates the battle between Guts and the Apostle known as Rosine, which took place during the Conviction Arc of Berserk and was definitely one of the most intense and depressing battles of the series to date:

Currently, the publishers of Berserk, Young Animal, have been tight-lipped as to whether the manga series will return under the pen of Kentaro Miura's assistants, not confirming one way or another whether or not the story of the Band of the Hawk will continue in its pages. While the future of Berserk is uncertain in the manga, so to is it a mystery in the medium of anime, as Studio GEMBA, the producers of the 2016 series, have not stated that the series will continue under its watch, or if any new projects are coming down the pike that will once again chronicle the battle between Guts and Griffith.

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