Berserk Cosplay Sees Guts And Casca Fuse

Berserk's world is oppressively bleak, with the Band of the Hawk going through some rough times as the story focuses on Guts, Casca, and Griffith to name a few. The manga artist responsible for Berserk tragically passing away, the manga has continued under the creative talents shared by writer Koji Mouri and the artists at Studio Gaga. Now, one cosplayer has decided to perform a fusion dance of their own by bringing a unique version of the "Black Swordsman" to life.      

In the latest chapters of Berserk's manga, the magical refuge for Guts and his friends was invaded by Griffith and his terrifying army of apostles. With darkness overwhelming the supernatural locale, Griffith has stolen Casca after the revelation that the White Hawk was one and the same as the Moonlight Boy. Things are looking bleak for Guts and his fellow adventurers in Elfhelm, but this is usually the case in the brutal epic and while the Black Swordsman might ultimately be successful in exacting revenge from the man who was once his best friend, it will almost certainly come at a heavy cost for the wandering warrior.

Instagram Cosplayer Chibi Th0t shared this impressive re-imagining of both Guts and Casca, imagining a brand new level to the story of Berserk as the series continues following the creator's death, with Miura's friends using the mangaka's notes in helping to bring the story of the Band of the Hawk to its conclusion:

A new anime adaptation of the bleak series hasn't been confirmed, though this October will see the series return to the small screen in Japan via the Berserk Memorial Edition. Re-editing the trilogy of films that re-tell the story of the Golden Age Arc, the series will include some originally deleted footage that further investigates the story of Guts. Now is a good time for fans of Berserk, as the original 1997 anime series will be arriving on Netflix on September 2nd as a part of a deal between the streaming service and Nippon TV.


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