Berserk Exhibit Brings a Life-Size Zodd to Life

Berserk is legendary for some of the terrifying demons that it has introduced over the years. One of the strongest beings created by Kentaro Miura that follows the marching orders of the Godhand is Nosferatu Zodd, a furry brawler that is consistently looking for a warrior to match his skills. Now, Berserk is looking to bring back its legendary exhibit with a life-sized version of the Apostle that has recently returned in the pages of the manga.      

Nosferatu Zodd holds a special place in Berserk, being the first actual Apostle that Guts and Griffith have encountered during their many battles as mercenaries of the Band of the Hawk. With the demonic warrior becoming a legend on the battlefield, fans of Berserk have yet to see the Apostle officially defeated in a battle, managing to have a large furry form that allows him to tower over his enemies. With Griffith the White Hawk eventually joining the Godhand as the demonic Femto, Zodd is now at his beck and call, though he remains a bitter enemy to Guts in the series.

The new exhibit, Berserk Grand Exhibition ~ Kentaro Miura's 32 Years As an Artist ~ Ginza Edition, will be operational from September 21st to October 4th this fall and will open its doors in Ginza, Tokyo with the life-sized Nosferatu Zodd appearing as though it is smashing through the clouds:

(Photo: Anime! Anime!)

While a new Berserk anime adaptation hasn't been announced, a new television series is arriving later this year which will slice and dice the footage from the trilogy of films by Studio 4C. Titled the Berserk Memorial Edition, the series might not primarily be using new footage, but it will include a number of deleted scenes from the trilogy that have never been seen before. While this doesn't confirm that a new Berserk anime is in the works, it's good news that the series remains popular enough to hit the airwaves.

Unfortunately, for fans in North America, there is no word on this Berserk exhibit making its way to the West.

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