Berserk Was A Cake All Along With This Fiendishly Clever Meme

Berserk is known for being one of the bloodiest franchises in the world of anime, following the story of Guts and his trusty Dragon Slayer as they slice their way through hordes of demons, and one fan has taken one of the most popular memes of the day and combined it with the dark fantasy story to make a hilarious fusion. The franchise, which has been running for decades from the mind of Kentaro Miura, is hinting that the story might in fact be in its end game, wrapping up the saga of the Band of the Hawk.

The meme of "This is a cake" has been bouncing around social media for the past few days, showing a number of items that are revealed to in fact be delicious desserts once they are cut into, revealing the sugary sweets within. Though the last thing that Berserk could ever be described as is sweet, a fan of the long running franchise was able to combine the hilarious idea behind the social media phenomenon with one of the earliest scenes of the series that introduced us to both Guts and his insanely large sword that has killed untold scores of demons and soldiers during his time.

Reddit User Ragesama shared this hilariously morbid combination of Berserk with the Cake meme that imagines one of Guts' earliest victims of the series being in fact fit to bursting with cake filling, making a dark scene hilarious rather than as brutal as it was once portrayed:

CAKE ALL ALONG from r/Berserk

Any news about a return of an anime series for Berserk has been missing since the last episode of the computer animated received some truly mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. Fans are waiting to see just when/if there will be another attempt at an anime that made characters like Guts, Griffith, and Casca household names in the anime community, though the creators of the popular Netflix animated series of Castlevania have gone on record numerous times that they wouldn't mind taking a crack at it one day.


With the battle between Guts and Griffith being highly anticipated among fans of the Kentaro Miura franchise, the more headlines Berserk gets that keep it in the public eye the better!

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