Berserk Returns to Screen in Stunning Fan-Anime

The world of anime lost a giant when the creator of Berserk, Kentaro Miura, suffered from a fatal heart failure earlier this year and while the future of the franchise is still up in the air, one fan animator is looking to adapt a storyline from the story of the black swordsman Guts that has never made its way onto the small screen. Titled "Berserk Fan Series," said fan creation diving into one of the earliest storylines of Berserk which never made its way into the world of anime but helped in laying out the characteristics of Guts. 

In the original 1997 anime series, the origin story of Guts was changed via a few elements of his early adventures following the Eclipse Arc. In the manga, following Guts defeat of the Snake Apostle, the black swordsman finds himself encountering Count Slug, a ruler of the land that had made a horrifying deal with the Godhand in order to gain demonic power himself. With the black swordsman attempting to take down the horrific Apostle, he encounters the Godhand and we get a glimpse of Griffith's alternate identity Femto before we properly meet the Band of the Hawk leader during the Golden Age Arc.

Fan Animator Timm0rtal shared a trailer for the upcoming adaptation that is seeking to adapt one of the earliest stories in Kentaro Miura's Berserk which gave us a look in Guts' life as he attempted to eliminate Apostles following the terrifying aftermath of the Eclipse:

As mentioned earlier, the future of Berserk in both the world of anime and manga is anyone's guess, with the publishers of the series in Japan, Young Animal, still not having come to a decision as to whether or not the series can continue without Kentaro Miura at the helm. With the departed mangaka's assistants helping in finishing his latest, and final, chapter, many speculate that there is a definite possibility that the series might continue under their watch.

The last time we saw a Berserk anime was via the second season of the 2016 series, which is quite controversial among the fan community, as many viewers feel that the series simply wasn't able to reach the high levels of art that Miura gave the dark franchise via its manga.


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