Big Sean Shouts Out His Favorite Anime Following New Album's Debut

Anime has been finding its way into the music world time and time again over the past few years, and it seems as if the entertainment medium was on constant rotation during the creation of one of rapper Big Sean's recent albums as the musician took to Twitter to detail some of his favorite anime series. Though his latest album, Detroit 2, isn't fit to bursting with anime references, it's clear that Big Sean is a big fan of anime and you might be surprised at the number of series that he lists as his favorites!

Musicians and actors such as Megan Thee Stallion, Travis Scott, Michael B. Jordan, and John Boyega have gone on record with their love of all things anime, joining Big Sean in his appreciation of the franchises that have become popular over the years. Sometimes, celebrities will bring their love of anime to consumers, as Michael B. Jordan for example had created a Naruto attire line that fans could purchase to show their appreciation for the Hidden Leaf Village of Konoha. John Boyega has gone on record regarding his love of Attack On Titan and Naruto, having been a part of such series as Star Wars and Pacific Rim, proving that his appreciation for the medium is nearly unmatched!

Big Sean took to his Official Twitter Account to answer a fan's questions, stating that while Detroit 2 was being made, noting that some of his favorite series include Dragon Ball, Assassination Classroom, Death Note, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, Cowboy Bebop, and Pokemon to name a few:

Anime has found its way to North America for decades now, but it wasn't until Cartoon Network's Toonami that it truly gained a foothold into western culture in the way it has today, and with streaming services attempting to be the "kings of anime" by adding classic and new anime series to their rosters, we would imagine that anime franchises will find their way into recording studios for decades to come.

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