Black Clover May Be Headed for a Timeskip

Black Clover is in the middle of its first filler arc, and the arc has gone over well with even [...]

Black Clover is in the middle of its first filler arc, and the arc has gone over well with even the strictest of fans. After all, audiences know a solid story will follow up this arc, and they have enjoyed the filler arc's battles so far. Of course, there are a few more episodes to come in this block, but a new batch of episode. titles suggest the fillers will not last forever. After all, a timeskip is likely on the way, and the interlude would bring fans to a new canon arc!

As reported by @BCspoiler on Twitter, the three upcoming episodes might usher in this timeskip. Episode 156 of the series is reportedly titled "Awakening Power," Episode 157 is "The Five Leaf Clover," but the most important new reveal comes with Episode 158 of the series, "Dawn of Hope and Despair." This title should be very familiar to fans of the manga.

This title is close to Chapter 229 of the series, "The Beginning of Hope and Despair." This is an important shift in Tabata's original version of the events is that it kicks off the war with the Spade Kingdom in full. Without giving too much away, this chapter takes place six months after all of the set up we are starting to see in action with the anime as Asta and a few select Magic Knights begin their training with the Heart Kingdom.

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(Photo: TV Tokyo)

But rather than show this training (opting to instead show the fruits of the characters' efforts through battle) Tabata just set the stage for the training before moving forward into the coming back with the Spade Kingdom. Although this is certainly no confirmation the timeskip will be happening in the anime as it could very well take more time to lead into the battle, it would most likely be welcome to fans.

With the anime seeing every member of the Clover Kingdom setting the stage for the battle to come, it just might take on the timeskip despite seeming like it's going to do the contrary. But if it does come to pass, we'll see in just a few episodes! What do you think?

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