Black Clover Impresses with Yuno v Langris Fight in Newest Episode

Black Clover's newest episode impressed with an unexpected Yuno and Langris Vaude fight. The anime has seen the Clover Kingdom begin their preparations for the upcoming fight against the Spade Kingdom, and part of this preparation has been to promote those who fought during the Reincarnation arc of the series. But as Yuno continues to rise in rank, one character who has not appreciated Yuno's quick rise to success has been Langris Vaude. Langris has been dealing with his own reservations since being possessed by one of the elves, and this all came to pass in the newest episode.

Episode 154 of the series is focused on how Langris has been feeling since being taken over during the Reincarnation arc, and his feelings of inferiority to people like Yuno and his brother Finral have caused him to walk away from the Golden Dawn. But as a way out, he chose to fight against Yuno for the right to "stay" in the squad. Yuno does win, but it was really just a way for Langris to take a break and discover himself for a while.

Black Clover's anime staff has been really digging into the space in between the six month time skip originally seen in Yuki Tabata's original manga. Now the anime is gearing to get ready for this big confrontation against the Spade Kingdom, and as fans have seen so far, there's time being put into establishing where and how our favorite characters will be preparing for the fight to come.

That does not mean the anime has relaxed on its laurels, however, as fans have been nothing but impressed with some of the episodes lately that have brought these smaller battles like this one between Yuno and Langris to life in an unexpectedly fluid way. While fans might have initially disliked the idea of the anime dedicating this time for a training arc, episodes like this might help fans stick around.

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