Black Clover Readies Yuno's Major Role in Final War

Black Clover is now kicking off the first major phase of the series' final arc, and the newest chapter of the series is planting the seeds for Yuno's major new role in the Judgment Day holy war! The final arc of the series kicked off with a bang as following the fight with the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, Lucius Zogratis officially made his move on Asta and the Clover Kingdom. By showing off the power of his terrible new type of magic, Lucius declared a new holy war on humanity. But all the while he's keeping his eye on a certain someone.

Asta has been taken out of the equation for now following his loss to Lucius and the brainwashed Sister Lily, and this has left Yuno and the rest of the Clover Kingdom trying to figure out how to proceed. Though Yuno is fully prepared to dive into the battle in order to make up for Asta missing from action, on the other side of the battle Lucius is also keeping a very close eye on Yuno as Lucius believes that Yuno will ultimately be the one that will bring any kind of chance of victory for humanity's side. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 336 of Black Clover sees Lucius getting an update from Adrammlech about the supreme devil's previous fight with Yuno, and it's teased that Yuno had greatly increased his power in a surprising amount since the fight with the Dark Triad fifteen months ago. Lucius then confesses that out of the "tens of thousands" futures that he was able to look into, only one gave the Clover Kingdom an advantage. It's one that heavily featured Yuno as the key to making it happen, and thus Lucius has declared that he will crush him specifically to keep that future from happening. 

In the same chapter it's also revealed that Asta had survived his fight with Lucius, and given how much of a threat to Lucius he was as well, Lucius could be ignoring Asta's role in the future. At the very least, Yuno's going to be at the center of attention for the main fight moving forward and now it remains to be seen as to whether or not he'll be able to keep himself afloat despite all of it. 

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