Black Clover Debuts Luck's Electrifying New Spell

Black Clover debuted an electrifying new spell for Luck Voltia with the newest episode of the series. Before the Spade Kingdom arc officially kicked off with the anime, the series had seen Asta and a few other members of the Clover Kingdom knights train together with some of the fighters in the Heart Kingdom. Once they found out how to channel natural mana through runes, Luck was one of the first to achieve this next level of abilities. But the newest episode of the series revealed just what he was able to accomplish with this new power.

With the anime officially kicking off the battle against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad in full in both the Clover and Heart Kingdoms, the various fighters who had been training for the past six months are now up to the test against the Spade Kingdom's powerful fighters. One recent example from the newest episode is Luck, who debuted a powerful new attack -- True Lightning Magic: Ceranos.

Episode 163 of Black Clover revisits the Heart Kingdom as Vanica of the Dark Triad has invaded the territory in search of Queen Lolopechka. While she is enough of a problem on her own, she has brought with her a number of powerful Dark Disciples. Like how Zenon arrived with two followers borrowing a Devil's power, Luck comes face to face with Svenkin Gatard, a user who has mastered half of his devil power.

With his skin magic, he's able to counter and essentially absorb any damage done to his body. But as Luck gets faster and faster with the use of his runes (as Gaja suggested he find a way to use the runes to enhance his lightning equips), he starts to break through this tough skin. One final blow manages to do the trick, however, as Luck stacks a few runes on top of one another and launches himself straight through Svenkin's body.

His newest attack is powerful enough to take down the Dark Disciple, but he's much worse for wear following the fight. After seeing how Asta and the others have taken so much damage, the six months of training is starting to feel like it's not enough. But what did you think of Luck's newest spell? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!