Black Clover Cliffhanger Sets Up a Shocking Massacre

Black Clover is moving into its final act these days, and Yuki Tabata is pulling out all the stops. After all, the whole ordeal began with Asta seemingly dying, but fans were relieved when they learned the mage was just in a new land. Now, Asta is on a mission to learn a new fighting form, and the manga's latest chapter ended with a rather shocking revelation.

As it turns out, Naruto and Berserk aren't the only big series dealing with massacres. Black Clover has its own dark history to contend with, and its mass murder involves Yami Sukehiro.

History Unlocked

The reveal came to light this week courtesy of Ichika once Asta was able to speak with the girl. As it turns out, Ichika was very serious about her desire to know nothing about Yami. She may be his younger sister, but Ichika tells Asta he forfeited her care when he massacred their entire clan.

"That man is the scum of the lowest order. I don't want to hear about scum. He massacred our entire clan," she shared.

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At this point, fans have little information about the massacre in question, but Ichika holds a serious grudge against Yami over it. She told Asta his story of reaching the Clover Kingdom on a fishing boat is a simple cover-up. Now, the series is poised to share whatever dark history Yami shares with Ichika, and we're sure Asta won't know what hit him.

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