Black Clover Unleashes Nacht's Terrifying Devil Union Fusion

Black Clover unleashed a terrifying new form for Nacht with his Devil Union fusion! The second [...]

Black Clover unleashed a terrifying new form for Nacht with his Devil Union fusion! The second half of the Spade Kingdom saga has seen Nacht lead the Magic Knights into a raid on the Dark Triad in the hopes of stopping the Advent of Qliphoth, and through Nacht's struggles we have seen his various Devil Union modes in action. Along with these displays of his various dark powers and skills, we have also been privy too more of his past and explanations behind why he has access to certain powers. But the newest chapter sees him push beyond his limits.

The previous chapter of the series teased that Nacht would be pushing himself beyond his limits after struggling to defeat the devil twins, and after a look back into his past, Nacht decides to go for one final gamble in the newest chapter of the series and combines the powers of two of his devils, Plumede and Walgner. This creates a whole new kind of Devil Union Mode, a fusion of Gallus and Felis.

Black Clover Nacht Devil Union Gallus x Felis Fusion Spoilers
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Chapter 287 of the series sees Nacht make good on his promise of pushing beyond his limits, and his two devils agree to this fusion as they thank Nacht for showing them things they would have never been able to see in the underworld. With their belief in Nacht, they fuse their dark energies together to form a new mode that combines Gallus dark power with Felis' speed.

This allows him to boost the power of one of his spells to the class of a Supreme level devil, and he unleashes his strongest spell yet, Shadow Magic: Monument of Atonement. It's supposed to be a spell powerful enough to lock the two devil twins away by using himself as a sacrifice to seal the three of them within a dark tomb, but it's quickly revealed not to be enough to completely defeat them.

Their magic is so strong it cuts through the sealing spell, and Nacht is completely out of options. Luckily, the end of the chapter gives him a light of hope as Asta arrives to save him just in time. Good thing too as his Devil Union fusion was likely the final gambit he had left in his arsenal. But what do you think? How did you like Nacht's Devil Union Mode fusion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!