Black Clover Debuts Tough New Devil Form for Nacht

Black Clover has debuted a tough new form for Nacht in the newest chapter! The anime adaptation might have just started the Spade Kingdom arc, but Yuki Tabata's original Weekly Shonen Jump release of the series has reached the saga's second major phase as the Clover Kingdom knights have taken the conflict directly to the Dark Triad in the Spade Kingdom. While Yuno and Charlotte have begun their respective battles in the previous two chapters, the newest chapter of the series revisits Nacht and Jack the Ripper as they take on the strongest of the three, Dante.

When Nacht first made his debut in the series, one of the biggest reveals surrounding him is the fact that he has contracts with a multiple number of devils. Because it's not just a single contract like Asta and the Spade Kingdom trio have, Chapter 278 of the series confirms this is a benefit to the abilities he gets and gives him access to multiple Devil Union forms as well.

Chapter 278 of the series picks up from a previous cliffhanger seeing Nacht and the Green Mantis Captain Jack the Ripper facing off against Dante. Dante has grown much stronger since his previous defeat due to a number of experiments done on his body, and it's seemingly made his gravity magic stronger as well. Nacht has a counter to this, however, in a second Devil Union Mode with his Devil Slotos -- Devil Union Mode Equus, Characteristic: Toughness.

This new form gives him a castle like body, and he instantly is able to stand despite Dante's gravity powers. This is a dramatically different form than the Canis Mode we had seen him use while training Asta and Liebe, so it does beg the question of what the other Devils in his possession will look like when they fully unite with him. Also curiously, is the "characteristic" added to it, which implies that Equus could have different forms within itself.


This form is also shown to have enough defensive and offensive power to block and reacts to Dante's attacks, but Nacht notes that it's not strong enough to deal the final blow on its own. Nacht's strategies continue to paint him a strange light considering how little we know about him, and seeing him understand his limits while still having access to so many powers of his own makes the Spade Kingdom look that much stronger.

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