Black Clover Season 4 Debuts First Promo

Funimation recently held a special presentation teasing their Fall 2020 anime line up, and one of the biggest surprises teased the dub debut for Black Clover Season 4. As of this writing, Black Clover's SimulDub release is currently making its way through its third licensed season with nearly 134 episodes under its belt. Along with the announcement of their general Fall slate, Funimation confirmed that they will still be releasing the dubbed episodes for the third season. But the major surprise came soon after with the confirmation that the dub will continue into the future with far more episodes.

To coincide with the announcement, Funimation shared a slick trailer teasing many of the biggest moments of the first three seasons thus far. But what is also more exciting about this announcement is that this Season 4 confirmation also confirms that Black Clover's anime will be continuing beyond its current airing.

To break it down, although Black Clover's anime is currently airing in Japan as one solid, continuous season, the English license breaks it down into 51 episode seasons for easier watching. Funimation's third season will be at least until Episode 153 of the series, and that means Season 4 will kick in right after.

There had been some rumors surrounding the fandom over whether or not Black Clover was going to take a break (for some reason), so this announcement confirms that not only will the anime continue for a few more episodes (with it being at Episode 149 as of this writing), but that the anime is gearing up for the massive, already a fan favorite, Spade Kingdom arc soon.

The Japanese release of the series has yet to reach this arc, nor has it laid any concrete teases that the anime will be tackling it soon, but seeing more episodes confirmed is great enough news! But what do you think?


Excited to see what's next to come from Black Clover Season 4? What do you think of the series' SimulDub release so far? What have you thought about the third season as a whole so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!