Black Clover Shares New Opening Performed by K-pop Group TXT

Black Clover's newest episode continues the original training arc for the anime series, and it [...]

Black Clover's newest episode continues the original training arc for the anime series, and it kicked off the next phase of these new adventures with a new opening theme performed by popular K-pop group, Tomorrow x Together. Titled "Everlasting Shine," this newest opening theme marks the twelfth in the anime overall, and gives fans a gorgeous new take on franchise's central duo, Asta and Yami. Although it does not give any major hints at what we can expect over the next several episodes of the anime last opening theme sequences of the past, it will most likely rank high on many fans' lists.

The newest opening theme debuted with Episode 141 of the series which features Yuno looking back on his past. It makes sense for the new opening to kick off with this episode in particular as the twelfth opening sees Asta and Yuno in their different kinds of training alongside the Magic Knight Captains. The next several episodes will be a completely original arc, so we might just see some of these sequences in a future release! Check out the new opening below as shared by Crunchyroll:

This new opening theme was also met with a new ending theme titled, "A Walk." The ending theme is special for its own reason as the voice actor behind Asta, Gakuto Kajiwara, will be making his musical debut with this ending theme. Tomorrow x Together has also shown their anime love in a different way too as they recently released a music video full of fun shout outs to another Weekly Shonen Jump franchise, Haikyuu!!.

Unfortunately, this new opening does not quite openly tease what's to come like other openings of the past so there is no real tease of what we can expect in this training arc. Filling in the gap before the Spade Kingdom arc left by the manga, this new arc will feature some new material overseen by series creator Yuki Tabata.

What did you think of Black Clover's newest opening theme? Where does it stack up to the other eleven openings released so far? Where does it stack up to your favorite Tomorrow x Together hits? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!