Black Clover Explains Why Asta's Mom Had to Give Him Up as a Child

Black Clover has finally explained why Asta's mother ultimately decided to leave her son with a church in the newest chapter of the series! Yuki Tabata's original manga series has reached the climax of the Spade Kingdom Raid arc as Asta and Liebe have pushed themselves into a more advanced Devil Union for one final effort against the Supreme Devil, Lucifero. This has been particularly eye-opening for Asta as while the two had been connected before, this new level of connection had finally shown Asta the first real glimpse of his mother through Liebe's memories with her.

This was already tragic in its own right as Asta has no idea that the mother Liebe was referring to was actually his own mother, Licita, as well. This bit of tragic irony has now been taken to the next level as Lucifero starts to figure out Asta's connection to Licita too as their fight continues with the newest chapter. As Liebe continues to fight together with Asta and reflects on more of his time with Licita, fans are given a new look into the past as Licita confesses that she had to leave Asta because of the danger of her own abilities. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 328 of Black Clover kicks off the next phase of the fight between Asta and Lucifero, and Liebe begins to reflect on the past. He remembers a talk with Licita as she confesses that she once had a child as well. Noting that she was glad when he turned out to be born healthy, she revealed that she worried that if she kept her son around she would end up stealing his life thanks to her ability to drain the mana and life force of everything around her that was not really in her control. She was forced to leave him, and thus felt tons of guilt over her decision. 

Because while she was forced to give him up, she had always loved her son. It's a love that continues in spirit through the universe bringing Asta and Liebe together, and it's something that even Lucifero notices given how much Asta reminds him of her as he struggles in the current fight. Now that all of these pieces are coming together, all that's left is to see how Asta will react to finding out about Liebe's connection to his fallen mother in future chapters. 


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