Black Clover Debuts Yami's Younger Sister

Black Clover has kicked off the first major phase of the final arc as Asta readies for a comeback, and the newest chapter of the series has introduced a crucial person from Captain Yami Sukehiro's past, his younger sister! The final arc has gotten off to a pretty rough start for Asta as following Lucius Zogratis declaring his intentions to destroy the world, Asta took a major loss against the villain when it became clear just how wide the power gap was between the two of them. But Asta has a chance of getting even stronger before he gets his fateful rematch with the villain.

With Lucius and the brainwashed Sister Lily's attacks flinging Asta to the faraway Land of the Sun, it's revealed that this is the country that Yami originally came from. Asta's already met with someone familiar with Yami in the past, and it turns out there's even a blood connection as Asta comes face to face with Yami's younger sister Ichika who is just as strong and inherently terrifying as Yami has been throughout the series so far. 

After being introduced to the Land of the Sun (previously translated as Hino Country) in the previous chapter, Chapter 338 of Black Clover takes this to a new level as Asta is able to explore the region just a little bit. It's connections to feudal Japan shine further the more he looks around, and Ryuya explains to him about how the magic works in the region. His attendant then immediately throws Asta off his game due to her familiar ki, and it's soon revealed as to why as she has a darkness element much like Yami. 

Introduced as Yami's kid sister Ichika, she's a powerful fighter who takes out a group of bandits with a single attack that's unlike many of the magic attacks we have seen in the series thus far. She's also teased as a member of a group known as the "Ryuzen Seven," and it's clear that she will play a bigger part in helping Asta reach a new level. But since the two of them have gotten off to such a bad start, it's going to be a much different dynamic he had with Yami. 

What's your first impression of Yami's sister Ichika in Black Clover's newest chapter? Are you hoping to see more of their past together before Yami left for the Clover Kingdom? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!