Black Clover Gets Asta Ready for New Training Arc

Black Clover is setting the stage for the first real phase of the final arc for Yuki Tabata's original manga series, and the newest chapter is also preparing to kick off a whole new training period for Asta! The young Wizard King hopeful was pushed to the brink in a wild new test as Lucius Zogratis officially made his move on the Clover Kingdom. The new villain was just too much for Asta to handle on his own, and thus he took a major loss as the rest of the Magic Knights now prepare for the final war for the fate of humanity.

Asta took a major loss to Lucius when he suffered a fatal looking injury and was teleported away through the brainwashed Sister Lily's new Paladin level magic, and unfortunately it seemed like he was going to have a real uphill battle ahead of him. But as the newest chapter of the series revealed that Asta actually landed in a very helpful place following his loss, he's now getting ready to sharpen his skills and potentially get strong enough to face off Lucius again in a big rematch as the final war for humanity kicks off. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Following the previous cliffhanger that saw Asta washing up on a distant shore, Chapter 337 of Black Clover reveals that Asta actually ended up in the Land of the Sun, a foreign country that Yami Sukehiro is actually originally from. He was saved by the shogun, Ryuya Ryudo, who notes that his eye has shown him not only everything that has happened to Asta in the fight so far, but that in Asta's current level he's no match for Lucius. It's here that Ryuya then offers Asta a way to get more power, and thus Asta is now getting ready to train even more. 

There are questions as to how he can strengthen himself, and that could do with his use of ki. Learning from Yami to use is defensively and to be better aware of his surroundings, Asta still needs a way to turn that into full offensive power in the future. At the same time, his anti-magic was clearly not enough against Lucius before so he's going to need some other kind of edge in order to truly turn the tide of the final war to come at Judgment Day. 

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