Black Clover Debuts Mysterious New Magic Form

Black Clover has brought Asta to a foreign land for his next major training arc, and one of the keys to making him stronger is a new form of magic brought into the series with the newest chapter! The final arc of the series got off to a tough start for Asta so far as he realized that his power was going to be no match for Lucius Zogratis upon their first major confrontation. But there's still hope as while the Clover Kingdom thinks he died, Asta actually ended up flung to the country where Captain Yami is originally from.

Previously washing up on the shores of the Land of the Sun, it's revealed that following the tease that this country would be a feudal Japan inspired nation, their magic is inspired by the same kind of region as well. Because while the Clover Kingdom's magic is channeled through each wizard's grimoire, in the Land of the Sun their magic is called "Yojutsu" as their magic power (which is dubbed Yoryoku) is activated through scrolls that unleash their various natural magic abilities. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 338 of Black Clover follows up on Shogun Ryuya Ryudo's introduction of the country to Asta, and seems them exploring the region just a bit so Asta gets a better grip on where he's landed. It's here that Asta witnesses street performers using fire and water magic with scrolls, and Ryuya explains that everyone in the Land of the Sun uses these scrolls to perform their Yojutsu. Magical power is dubbed as Yoryoku, and Ryuya explains that although he is the Shogun (which is basically their Wizard King) he has no Yoryoku of his own. 

This understanding will likely help Asta get even stronger as later on in the chapter we're introduced to Yami's sister Ichika, who uses a combination of heightened ki and Yoryoku to take out a group of enemies in a single hit. It's these different perspectives on magical power that will likely help Asta further his own growth and likely bring him back to the main action much stronger and able to keep up with Lucius' attack next time. 

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