Black Clover's Captains Pop Off in Most Recent Episode

Black Clover fans had been particularly hyped for Episode 151 of the anime, and with good reason as the Magic Knight Captains went all out with stunning displays exclusive to the anime. Black Clover is currently in the middle of exploring original content for the anime as Asta and the rest of the Clover Kingdom prepares for the upcoming fight against the devils of the Spade Kingdom. Now that it has ended its Devil Banishers arc and prepares to dive into a new training arc, the anime took a brief break to really pop off.

Episode 151 is titled "Clash! The Battle of the Magic Knight Squad Captains" and it tells a completely original story. To demonstrate how strong the captains are, and better alleviate the fears of those in the Clover Kingdom scared of another attack, the captains battled one another in the same kind of match as seen during the Royal Knights selection.

Leading into the episode, the Wizard King caught wind of potential joint training between the squads as a better way to prepare to fight against the Spade Kingdom and it seems that it led to this exact demonstration of ability from the captains. Outside of the Invasion arc which saw several captains facing off against possessed versions of the others, this is the first real time that we have seen the captains fight one another in either the manga or the anime.

It's pretty impressive to see the staff behind the series go all out for such a small occasion like this as it will admittedly have no real bearing on the story going forward. At the same time, it does help to show what these captains can really do when facing off against fighters of equal skill and power. It's a demonstration needed for fans of the series just as much as it was for the Clover Kingdom's citizens.


What did you think Black Clover's newest episode? Were you surprised to see the captains fighting at such a high level in this anime original episode? What are you hoping to see before the Spade Kingdom saga kicks off in full in the anime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!