Gorgeous Bleach Figure Recreates Ichigo's Fight with Ulquiorra

Bleach is heading towards an important comeback, and there is no telling how big the series will blow up once its anime returns. The supernatural show was huge during its heyday, and fans were eager to buy merch whenever it came available. Thanks to Figurama, a new collectible is coming out for Bleach shortly, and the insanely detailed figure will be a must-have for anime fanatics.

You can check out the piece here as the Bleach figure is now online. The statue pictures Ichigo takes on Ulquiorra in a fierce fight. The battle is sourced from the Arrancar arc after Ichigo closes in on rescuing Orihime. Their fight devolves into something monstrous as each character transforms, and Ichigo's Hollow form looks downright horrifying here.

According to Figurama, there will be 1,300 of these figures built and counted as an Elite Fandom Statue. The piece is not expected to release until the third quarter of 2021 and will arrive with a certificate of authenticity. It also comes with interchangeable pieces that are made of PVA, metal diecast, polystone, and LED.

New BLEACH figure of Ichigo fighting Ulquiorra for pre-order by Figurama from r/bleach

Currently, there is not price point available for the Bleach figure, but Figurama did hit up Reddit to share info on its retail value.

"It's $985 USD and we offer a 10-month payment plan and 20% deposit during preorder, which means payment right around $79/month (and you can opt for less also)," the site confirmed.


Clearly, this figure will be an expensive one as it will end up costing at least a grand. Shipping and delivery insurance isn't cheap, but this Bleach collectible might be just the thing some fans have been wanting to buy for years now. So if you have some money to spare, it may be worth looking into this merch a little more.

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