Bleach Reveals Kenpachi's Shikai For The First Time

After quite some time, Bleach's Thousand-Year Blood War gives fans their first look at Kenpachi's Shikai.

Bleach's Thousand-Year Blood War has taken things up a notch for the Soul Society, seeing the Shinigami struggling with the massive power of a new villainous force known as the Wandenreich. The anime adaptation has seen Ichigo Kurosaki and many of his fellow Soul Reapers taking the opportunity to sharpen their skills and increase their power via training. Kenpachi was a different story however as the powerhouse has returned to the fight and shown off his new Shikai for the first time in the anime's history.

Kenpachi has earned his place as one of the most powerful and ruthless members of the Soul Society more times than we can count at this point. In the first cours of the Thousand-Year Blood War, the eye-patch-wearing swordsman fought against his forebearer, Unohana, who had previously held the title of Kenpachi before the latest brawler to hold it. With Unohana attempting to awaken Kenpachi's link to his sword, the first Kenpachi died during their skirmish but accomplished her goal, as Zaraki began to "hear" his sword after their death match. In the latest episode of Bleach, we witness Kenpachi's Shikai unleashed as he fights against one of the strongest members of the Sternritter.

Kenpachi's Shikai Revealed at Last

When Kenpachi first entered the Blood War, he cut his way through three members of the Wandenreich. Unfortunately, the swordsman found himself hitting a wall thanks to Yhwach's power but worked on increasing his power. In fighting against the Sternritter known as Gremmy Thourneaux, Kenpachi reveals his Shikai as he battles against an opponent that could change reality with a thought.

While anime viewers didn't get the opportunity to see Kenpachi's Bankai in action, the swordsman was ultimately able to claim victory in this fight. With a major post-credit scene, the recent Bleach episode revealed that Gremmy didn't have a real body of his own, as his brain was simply creating forms for him to take. In the past, the Soul Society attempted to make sure that Kenpachi would never discover his Bankai, though the Blood War might be aiming to make a big change in the swordsman's life in that regard.

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