Boruto Shares Synopsis for Kara Arc's First Episode

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is back in action, and that means the sequel is one step closer to its next big arc. Before the show came off hiatus, fans were informed Kara would make its awaited debut in mid-July. Now, it seems the start date is becoming more real than ever thanks to a new report which shares the synopsis of the arc's premiere.

Recently, a synopsis surfaced for the first episode of Boruto's Kara arc. The episode, which is titled "Footprints of Kara", will kick off the arc on July 19. It will follow Boruto immediately after he defeats the Mujina Bandit's leader, but his victory will open the lid on Kara and its shady existence.

"Boruto defeated the heinous Mujina Bandits leader, Shojoji!! However, the mysterious organization Kara, that even the Mujina Bandits fear, is approaching Konoha! Sasuke and Sai go to Amegakure where there is a secret hideout. Karano Garashi, a guide, appears before them," the translated synopsis reads.

Boruto Kara
(Photo: Studio Pierrot)

As you can see, Boruto will bring an end to the Mujina Bandits as expected, but their defeat will open another can of worms. Of course, the higher-ups of the Hidden Leaf Village have heard rumblings about Kara, but the organization is still a mystery. Shojoji might be the person who sheds more details on the group and what their connection is to Karma, the mark that rests on Boruto's hand.

For now, fans only have one more episode to go before this anticipated arc begins. They are hoping Studio Pierrot does this upcoming saga justice as it sets the tone for the rest of Boruto. And if they mess up... well, at least we will always have the Akatsuki in our hearts. So far, fans have only seen glimpses of the villains in promo posters, and it is easier said than done bringing characters like Jigen to life.


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