Boruto Synopsis Teases Shinki's Return

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is set to have Team 7 under going a much needed training arc following their defeat at the hands of certain members of the Kara Organization, and it seems as if the anime is prepping for a big return with the son of the current Kazekage of the Sand Village in Shinki! Though Shinki is adopted, it's almost eerie how close his power set is in comparison to his father, having the ability to control a very different kind of sand that holds attributes similar to that of iron which makes him quite the threat.

The last time we saw Shinki was when the member of the Otsutsuki, Urashiki, was attempting to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village and make sure that the ninja of Konoha and Team 7 weren't able to interfere with his clan's plan. Shinki, sent to help the Hidden Leaf as well as protect the one tailed beast, Shukaku, from being used by the clan of celestial ninja for their nefarious machinations. Shinki would be a big boost for Team 7 considering his power set, but it seems as if the iron sand ninja will be running into Deepa sooner than we think!

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared a preview for an upcoming Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode, dubbed "Joint Operation With The Sand Village", that hints that Shinki will have a big role to play in the battle against the Kara Organization and might need to save Shikadai:

Boruto clearly is going to have a rough road ahead of him, with the Kara Organization barely unleashing the full force of their overall power. Fans that have been following the manga know just how dangerous this new collective of rogue ninjas can be and more than likely, audiences won't have to wait long to see some of the heavy hitters such as Jigen and Kashin Koji make their big arrivals into the sequel series!

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