Boruto Cliffhanger Sets Up the Leaf Village as the Next Ground Zero

It goes without saying for most fans, but the Hidden Leaf Village has been through some terrible stuff. Naruto has never been kind to the city despite it being home to its main heroes. In fact, Naruto and his friends often drew more trouble to the ninja village than not, but Boruto has enjoyed better odds. But thanks to a recent cliffhanger, fans know the Leaf Village has the potential to become a new ground zero.

The whole thing came together with chapter 48 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The update followed Isshiki Otsutsuki as he fought with Kashin, and the Hidden Leaf braced itself for battle. Naruto's decision to house Kawaki turned the city into a top target, and the final page of chapter 48 confirmed as much.

The update ended with Isshiki hovering above the village as if he were Pain... and that is not a good sign. Naruto is shocked when he's alerted to the Otsutsuki since he didn't expect him to arrive so quickly. Despite his pleas, Boruto was shut down from joining the battle, and Sasuke didn't reassure anyone with his words on the subject.

boruto naruto hidden leaf

"I'm willing to die at any moment for Konoha. As is Naruto. We're always prepared to do so," Sasuke tells Boruto.


Unless the boy is willing to die in battle, Boruto cannot join his mentors. Naruto was also keen on keeping his son out of harm's way, and that is because he knows the true devastation an Otsutsuki can bring about. Kaguya could level the Hidden Leaf ten times over. And despite him being newly reincarnated, there is no doubt Isshiki could do much the same.

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