Boruto Sets Up Kashin Koji's Future With a Last-Minute Save

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' new 'Kara Arc' has been a non-stop ride of big game-changing [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' new "Kara Arc" has been a non-stop ride of big game-changing twists. One of the biggest reveals has been that Naruto's mentor Jiraiya has been resurrected as a clone named Koji Kashin, who is a member of the Kara organization. As it turns out, Koji Kashin's loyalties weren't with Kara - he (and his Kara teammate Amado) were only interested in killing the organization's leader Jigen, who is secretly Isshiki Otsutsuki. Recent chapters of Boruto's manga have seen a fierce battle erupt between Isshiki and Koji Kashin, but in Boruto chapter 48, that battle reaches a decisive end!

Warning! Boruto Manga Chapter 48 SPOILERS Follow!

In the latest Boruto chapter, Koji Kashin is still battling Isshiki, who has manifested his true Otsutsuki form, after "Jigen" was incinerated by one of Koji's more inventive summoning techniques. The downside is that the fully-formed Isshiki is much more powerful with his new Marvel-style shrinking/enlarging jutsu, known as the Sukunahikona. That forces Koji Kashin to unleash strange Marvel-style new jutsu of his own, snaring Isshiki in his elongated hair and slamming the villain hard. When that doesn't work, Koji dips deep into some familiar techniques from Jiraiya's bag of tricks - from massive fireballs to Sage Mode and a Massive Rasengen - none of it matters: Koji Kashin never had a chance to win, and Isshiki knows it.

Koji is mentally uppercut by Isshiki when it's pointed out that Amado used a clone of Jiraiya and the famed Sannin pride to make Koji the ultimate sacrificial pawn. Amado knew that a fighting spirit like Jiraiya's wouldn't accept defeat from Isshiki, no matter how hopeless the situation was; and would battle on until Isshiki revealed his true form, thereby exposing his greatest weakness.

With Isshiki having possessed Jiren's body, the Karma seal he placed on his intended vessel, Kawaki, was destroyed. Jigen's body can only sustain Isshiki for mere days before dying off, so the Otsutsuki villain needs to mark Kawaki again, fast, which means a direct attack on Konohagakure!

Boruto Manga 48 Spoilers Koji Kashin Escapes Death vs Isshiki
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Meanwhile, poor Koji Kashin is nearly annihilated when Isshiki decides he can't waste any more time with their battle. Isshiki reveals an additional new jutsu, Daikokuten, which allows Isshiki to store items he shrinks in a pocket dimension, to be used whenever/wherever he sees fit. With that power, Isshiki quickly crushes Koji under some massive pillars. The Jiraiya clone notes that his body suffers serious injuries, including possible paralysis. He narrowly escapes by summoning a giant toad to swallow him up and teleport him away.

Boruto has established just how cunning and formidable Jiraiya's clone is. Without knowing his true origins (like how Jiraiya's DNA was even obtained for cloning), it's safe to assume that there is someone or something that can repair Koji Kashin. After that, Naruto has a truly strange reunion to face - assuming Naruto even survives his fight with Isshiki.

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