Boruto Sees Orochimaru Take on Kara in Newest Episode

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations brought Orochimaru back to the fight in order to take on a member [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations brought Orochimaru back to the fight in order to take on a member of Kara in the newest episode. The Kara Actuation arc reached its climax with the newest episode of the anime as Boruto, Sarada, and Konohamaru found themselves trying to stop Victor and Deepa from sprouting a new Divine Tree. What fans weren't expected to see, however, was that Orochimaru suddenly involved himself in the final confrontation in the previous episode. After teasing Orochimaru was going to get back into action, the newest episode of the series made good on this promise as he took on Victor.

Episode 175 of ends the fight against two members of Kara, and while Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki had their attention focused on taking down Deepa, Konohamaru was left to face off against Victor alone. That was until Orochimaru decided to step in because he's taken a special interest in this situation given how Victor stole the Hashirama Cell from him in the first place.

Orochimaru reveals he's not there to save Konohamaru, but instead recover the stolen Hashirama Cell. Victor's initially apprehensive to take on the Sannin because he's fully aware of Orochimaru's reputation, but decides to attack anyway. From the start of the battle it's clear that Orochimaru's in total control as his first move is to have his summoned snakes bite off Victor's head. Although Victor's head grows back and he counter attacks, Orochimaru laughs to himself as he's the master of body regeneration techniques.

This continues to rattle Victor, and Orochimaru doesn't even deal the final blow physically. Orochimaru tells Victor that his Divine Tree is a total fake, and this causes Victor to make a fatal error. Climbing up to the top of the fake Divine Tree, he's suddenly pulled in and eaten by it. Orochimaru can only comment on hot pitiful the scene is, and quickly burns away the tree soon after.

This calm, collected killing side of Orochimaru is one fans have not seen in quite a while, so perhaps this is a sign of how the anime can benefit the original manga's story as Orochimaru has yet to fight in the manga's version of the Kara saga. Now he's helped take one down, and presumably will play a more involved role in the arcs going forward.

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