Watch: Boruto Stuns with Team 7's Rasengan Combo

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations stunned with Team 7's newest Rasengan combo. The newest episode of the series brought the Kara Actuation arc to an end, and this meant a climactic final battle against the two members of Kara that we were introduced to at the beginning of the arc. Following Deepa's introduction to the anime series, Boruto and the members of Team 7 were quickly defeated as they were totally unprepared for just how strong this new villain was. With the previous cliffhanger teasing their big rematch with the Kara member, the newest episode delivered in spades.

Episode 175 of the series saw Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki taking on Deepa one final time. Unlike the first time they fought, the three of them have come back much stronger following an extended training period for both Boruto and Sarada. Through the fight, their combined efforts capped off with a Compression Rasengan supported by all three young members of Team 7.

The last few episodes of the anime have seen Boruto and Sarada train in their respective ways. Boruto figured out how to use a stronger version of his Rasengan while Sarada chose to strengthen her Sharingan. This resulted in some big reveals for the final battle itself as Sarada was able to successfully evolve her Sharingan through the intensity of the fight. But Boruto was no slouch either.

Once he was able to successfully build up his Compression Rasengan, the first attack failed because Deepa revealed a stronger version of his stone armor. For the second one, the recoil damaged Boruto even more. To help Boruto keep strong with this second Rasengan, Mitsuki and Sarada run behind him and support Boruto with their chakra and strength. With the power of their teamwork, Deepa was successfully defeated by episode's end.


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