Boruto Writer Teases the Anime's Ao Arc Premiere

Boruto Uzumaki has been introduced to the top threat of his generation, and it seems things are about to kick into high gear for the group. Much like the Akatsuki before it, Kara plans to take over the world with a truly gnarly plot. Soon, Team 7 will find itself embroiled in another conflict involving the group, and the writer behind Boruto is teasing fans about what's to come with the arc.

The update comes from Honda Masaya who has overseen the scripts for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The writer took to Twitter to answer a fan-question recently, and it was there he gave fans a heads up about the next few Boruto episodes.

"The next five episodes will begin the Ao arc. Please look forward to it! Also, Mugino's backstory will be explored. The Ao arc begins," Masaya explained.

Clearly, fans are hyped for this big arc to begin, and it is easy to see why if you are familiar with the manga. The Ao arc is one of the most intense stories to hit the manga so far. The story acts as a floodgate to Kara as Team 7 is educated further about the organization in this arc, and the group as a whole is shown more.


It is also important to note that this arc opens the pathway for Kawaki to appear. The boy has been largely absent from the anime barring his ominous appearance in its first episode. Fans know the boy will clash with Boruto in the distant future, but the anime has yet to even introduce Kawaki. But as the manga promised, the boy will join the anime shortly after Ao begins making moves on the small screen.

What do you make of this Boruto tease? How hyped are you for this new anime arc? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.