Castlevania Cosplay Slays With Trevor Belmont

Castlevania Season Four is set to arrive on Netflix on May 13th, giving vampire fans the final season of the popular animated series that will bring to a close the adventure of Trevor Belmont and company, and one fan has given us a pitch-perfect take on the latest vampire slayer of the Belmont Clan. Though this upcoming season might be the final entry of the series from Powerhouse Studios, the creative minds behind the original animated television show have hinted that they'd be willing to dive back into the supernatural world that began as a video game series.

Trevor Belmont is the father of Simon Belmont, the original vampire slayer that appeared in the first Castlevania that landed on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Battling alongside the mother of his future child, Sypha, and the son of Dracula, Alucard, Trevor has shown that his bark is just as bad as his bite thanks in part to the whip, and other weaponry, he carries around into battle. With the fourth season looking to pit the trio of vampire slayers against the forces of Carmilla, Isaac, and a plan that is once again set into motion to bring Dracula back from the grave, it's clear that the last entry is leaving everything on the table.

Instagram Cosplayer Dan Ballestero shared this impeccable depiction of everyone's favorite animated Belmont, who has been attempting to free the world from Dracula's influence, even following the death of the lord of the vampires at the tail-end of the second season:

The video game franchise of Castlevania has given us so many Belmonts and vampire slayers, that there are plenty of options if Powerhouse decides to continue to once again dive into the world of vampires. Spanning the decades and countless consoles, Castlevania has taken the opportunity to dive into stories that take place outside of the realm of the Belmonts and any one of these tales would surely make for some good television for the streaming service of Netflix, considering how popular the dark franchise has become.


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