Netflix's Castlevania Producer Explains Why the Series Has So Much Gore

The animated Netflix series of Castlevania has certainly been a hit for the streaming service, having adapted the long time video game franchise, and a website was recently able to chat with Executive Producer Kevin Kolde about why the show wasn't afraid to get bloody when it needed to. In the battle between the vampires of the world and the trio of hunters in Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard, there has been plenty of death and destruction and with the series confirmed for a fourth season, there is sure to be more to come!

In their fight to eliminate Dracula, our three protagonists had to cut their way through a horde of demons and vampires, with the creatures of the night simultaneously taking down scores of bystanders in order to eliminate mankind as revenge for the killing of Vlad's wife. With his bloody quest for revenge, the series made sure early to let audiences know that this was definitely a show for adults as the show delivered buckets of blood and a never ending stream of gore from both humans and monsters alike.

Castlevania Gore Producer
(Photo: Powerhouse)

Animation World Network had the opportunity to chat with Kevin Kolde, the executive producer of the series, who took the opportunity to dive into the reasoning behind why the series was fit to bursting with bloody battles and gory carnage that ran rampant in this world of vampires and the supernatural:

“With Castlevania, that gore can make the story more real. You don’t want it to be gratuitous, but it’s a brutal world we’re trying to show with realistic people and their children and how they’re impacted by these events. Things like that absolutely needed to be in there.”


The fourth season was confirmed shortly after the debut of the third, setting up players such as Carmilla and Isaac to unleash bloody war upon the world in dictating whether humanity would act as cattle to vampires or simply be stricken from the earth. With Alucard struggling with his legacy as the son of Dracula and Sypha and Trevor finding themselves disheartened at the state of the world following the conclusion of the third season, season four is definitely going to be an interesting one for all parties involved.

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