Chainsaw Man Is Going Viral All Thanks to One Epic Aki Cosplay

Chainsaw Man has become one of the world's biggest anime series, and fans are already falling for its stars. There is no shortage of love in this world for Power, and of course, Denji has his own fans. Aki most definitely leads the trio when it comes to fangirls, and now, one epic cosplay of the hunter is making the whole series go viral on social media.

We have the TikTok user Jams (.jams0) to thank for the movement as you can see below. The cosplayer is known for pairing their spot-on costumes with VFX tricks to bring characters to life. They gave Aki a go the other day, and with millions of views underfoot, their TikTok cosplay has gone viral across the web.


Aki Hayakawa #chainsawman #akihayakawa #aki#akichainsawman

♬ son original – Jams

After all, it is hard to deny the skill and effort that went into this video. Not only is Aki dressed perfectly, but the VFX used to make his contracted devils come alive is wild. It isn't every day you see a fox demon slam through the side of a building, after all. But thanks to TikTok and Aki, we can imagine what that scene might look like IRL.

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Clearly, the Chainsaw Man Universe is terrifying, but guys like Aki have what it takes to stick it through. It is devil eat devil world, and those who hunt the beasts must put their lives on the line if they want to see the next day. Aki has proven that mentality time and again in the series. Despite a hard past, the hunter doesn't stay on his knees for long, and he is teaching Power and Denji how to do the same in the anime. So if you haven't already, now would be the best time to check out Chainsaw Man.

Season one is currently airing new episodes weekly through Hulu and Crunchyroll. You can also read Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga weekly as the series is ongoing. New chapters can be read through Manga Plus or the Shonen Jump app stateside.

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