Chainsaw Man Producer Reveals How Anime Was Decided

Chainsaw Man will be making its full anime adaptation debut later this year, and the producer behind the new series opened up about how the manga was picked up for an anime in the first place! When Tatsuki Fujimoto brought the first part of Chainsaw Man's manga run ended a couple of years ago, it was announced that the franchise would then be branching out with its own anime adaptation. It was genuinely a surprise as the series seemed to be just heating up at that time before the first part came to an end, and it turns out the anime's order was even more of a surprise as to how it came to be.

The team behind Chainsaw Man's anime spoke about the production of the upcoming series during a special panel for it at Anime Expo earlier this month (of which was in attendance), and it turns out that the order for the anime came through not the usual channels, but from the team at MAPPA taking such an interest in the manga since it first hit shelves in Japan that they actually approached Shueisha with the pitch of them taking on the new adaptation. As fans know at this point, Shueisha definitely took them up on their offer. 

(Photo: MAPPA)

Executive director and management director at MAPPA, Makoto Kimura, opened up about how they first approached Chainsaw Man's manga, and explained that they began looking at the series as a small group at the studio. Seeing it hit shelves, they wanted to bring the series to a full anime. Wanting to work without a production committee (which is how adaptations and other projects are usually chosen and produced by various studios), MAPPA wanted to approach the project on their own. In fact, they approach Shueisha with their ideas and the publisher was fine with it. 

Fans have yet to see any more footage from Chainsaw Man's anime since it was first announced to be in production, but that's gearing up to change soon as the anime will be coming to Crunchyroll Expo where fans are being teased with some new footage. There's no concrete release date either, but the series will be streaming with Crunchyroll when it launches overseas later this year. But how do you feel about Chainsaw Man's anime production so far? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!