Why Chainsaw Man Didn't Release New Trailer at Anime Expo

Chainsaw Man recently took the stage at Anime Expo as one of the biggest panels of the convention overall this holiday weekend, but there's a reason that the series did not debut any new footage for the anime premiere just yet. When Tatsuki Fujimoto ended the original series' run with Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, it was announced that the franchise would be branching out with its very own anime adaptation. It's been fairly quiet on the series' progress up to this point, and that has gotten fans revved up to see this new series in motion more and more. 

Fans recently got their chance to check out one of the biggest updates yet as Studio MAPPA brought Chainsaw Man to Anime Expo for a special panel (of which ComicBook.com was in attendance), and fans had the hopes that there would be a new trailer or key visual released for the new series in production. Unfortunately, one did not appear during the panel and it was explained by MAPPA CEO Manabu Otsuka that fna swill have to wait a little more for more information and promises there will news at Crunchyroll Expo later this Summer. 

(Photo: MAPPA)

As Otsuka revealed during the Anime Expo panel, the team behind the Chainsaw Man anime really wanted to reveal something to the fans in attendance but it was unfortunately not ready in time. The team wants it to be absolutely perfect before revealing more to the world, and thus asked fans for more patience for more news and information at Crunchyroll Expo this August. It's not quite revealed exactly what the team was planning to show for Anime Expo, nor what they might bring to the next event, but it's likely that we might get a new teaser. At the very least a new key visual for the series. 

Fans are anxious to see more as Chainsaw Man's anime is currently scheduled to release some time this year at the time of this writing. Crunchyroll has confirmed they will stream the anime alongside its release as well, but outside of the first poster and teaser trailer released alongside its initial announcement last Summer. If you're itching for more Chainsaw Man, luckily Part 2 of the manga is scheduled to kick off later this month so there will be new material either way. 


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