Chainsaw Man Announces Early U.S. Premiere

It's official. There is less than a month to go before Chainsaw Man makes its debut, and there is no denying the hype. This anime is one of the most-buzzed-about in years, and it has the potential to shift the anime landscape the same way Attack on Titan did years ago. Of course, that means fans are dying to check out the anime ASAP, and Crunchyroll has just announced the anime will premiere early in the United States.

The only catch? Well, you will need to be in New York City to watch it. The premiere is going down at New York Comic Con this October, so the premiere will go live days before its launch globally.

According to Crunchyroll, NYCC attendees will be able to watch the first episode of Chainsaw Man on Friday, October 7th in the afternoon. The event will gather the English dub cast for a panel to chat before premiering the anime's first episode dubbed.

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"NYCC badge holders will have the chance to be the first to see the US premiere of Chainsaw Man, one of the most highly anticipated anime series of the year that follows the journey of Denji as he becomes "Chainsaw Man" – a man with a devil's heart. Crunchyroll will screen the world premiere of the English dub of the series, even before the subtitled episode premieres on Crunchyroll, alongside a Q&A with the English dub cast," Crunchyroll shared.

Of course, this panel will be packed, so NYCC attendees will want to line up well ahead of time. Chainsaw Man is already incredibly popular thanks to its manga, and its upcoming anime is only making it bigger. For fans globally, they will be able to check out the show's premiere themselves when it drops the second week of October. To be specific, the anime is set to release on October 11th, and it will bring Denji to the screen for the first time.

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