Chainsaw Man Execs on Why The Series is The Most Anticipated Anime of The Year

Chainsaw Man has been one of the most highly anticipated anime series of this year, with the manga gaining popularity despite not having a television show to back it up, until now. In a recent interview with us here at, we had the opportunity to chat with creators at Studio MAPPA to pick their brains when it comes to why they believe the story of Denji will be the anime story of 2022.             

Executive producer Makoto Kimura shared their thoughts on why Chainsaw Man might be one of the biggest new anime series to arrive on the small screen in 2022:

"It follows these characters that share a lot, and you're not sure where they're going. This is a story with a lot of drive, so there's an appeal and a charm in not knowing, For our team as producers and directors, they are really focusing on that aspect as they put together season one. It helps that our producers are already big fans."  

Extrapolating on these statements, Studio MAPPA CEO Manabu Otsuka took the opportunity to also praise the writing of creator Tatsuki Fujimoto in helping the franchise become a major player in the anime world:

"One of the biggest charms is [Tatsuki Fujimoto's] sense as a writer. It is in how you can see things through his work and that there's this subculture throughout Chainsaw Man that becomes very important. However, the story is still balanced even with this, and Chainsaw Man has a wide range of readers as such. So to bring all of the charms out in the anime, it was important to find a director and producers and an entire staff who are of a similar generation [to Fujimoto] so they are of the same mind. The staffing of Chainsaw Man was done in that way to help production."  

So far, a specific release date has yet to be revealed for Chainsaw Man's anime series, though we are only a few weeks away from diving into this bloody world of devils as the release window of October remains in place. 

Do you think Chainsaw Man will be able to overcome Spy x Family as the biggest new anime of 2022? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Chainsaw Devil.