Chainsaw Man Reveals the Truth Behind a Forgotten Death

Chainsaw Man has really been digging its heels into fans lately, and the newest chapter of the series only pours salt in the wounds by revealing a truth about a death we kind of all forgot about since it's rarely mentioned. In a series like this one from series creator Tatsuki Fujimoto, death has been a constantly occurring event that it can be kind of difficult to remember every single one. That's why the newest chapter packs such a heavy punch as Makima relays all of the death in Denji's life up to this point.

This includes a full explanation behind one of the early deaths with a closer look into the death of Denji's father. When we first meet Denji at the beginning of the series, he had been poor and all alone. But Chapter 82 of the series sees Makima "reveal" to Denji that he had actually been the one to kill his father. Denji's been a murderer since before the series began.

The newest few chapters of the series had Aki and Power die right before his eyes, and Denji is in a greater state of hopelessness than he ever has been before. Even Makima, who had been an anchor from him in terms of having a reason to live another day, has now revealed herself to be aiming to crush Denji completely. Killing Power (and thus shocking fans all around) and having Denji kill Aki were just ways to kill more of that hope.

Chainsaw Man Denji Father Death Murder Manga Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

Makima then twists the knife further and tells Denji that she knows that he murdered his father. Looking into his past, she reveals that Denji's father did not commit suicide. Instead, Denji had killed his father because he was abusive. Those around him just went along with lie for money's sake, and Denji locked away the memory in order to live some semblance of a normal life.


But with this final reveal, Makima brings Denji down completely. His visualization of all of this sees Denji regress to childhood and that trauma piled on top of his reaction to the mass destruction and death that he has been a part of throughout the entire series. And his ray of hope Makima had been behind it all.

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