Delicious in Dungeon: Here's How Many Hairstyles Marcille Had in Season One

One fan has figured out how many different hairstyles Marcille had in Delicious in Dungeon's first season!

Delicious in Dungeon has officially wrapped the first season of its anime, and one fan actually figured out how many different hairstyles Marcille had over its episodes! The anime adaptation for Ryoko Kui's original Delicious in Dungeon manga made its debut earlier this year as one of the most intriguing new anime releases of 2024 overall. But it really started picking up with the second half of the season airing through the Spring 2024 anime schedule. And when it came to an end, it was just as quickly confirmed that Season 2 of the anime is already in the works

Delicious in Dungeon Season 1 ran for 24 episodes, and as catalogued by Ocixo on Reddit, Marcille ended up having 36 different hairstyles over the course of the season. There were certain qualifiers such a frequency and length of time with each style, and different times she wore he hair down for bed. But either way, it ended up counting at 36 through multiple rewatches and categories that you can check out more in full here with a gallery that Ocixo painstakingly put together. 


Marcille in Delicious in Dungeon Season One

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How to Watch Delicious in Dungeon

Delicious in Dungeon Season 2 has been announced to be in the works, but it has yet to be revealed when the new episodes will actually release. The first season adapted pretty much half of Kui's original manga run of the story, so it's likely that Season 2 will end up adapting the rest of the story. You can find the physical volumes of the Delicious in Dungeon manga now on shelves as licensed by Yen Press in North America. As for the anime, you can now find the entire first season of the Delicious in Dungeon anime now streaming with Netflix to get ready for the next season. 

They tease the anime as such, "Delicious in Dungeon. That is, 'to eat', or 'to be eaten' ――― Within the depths of the dungeon, his younger sister was eaten by a Red Dragon – and adventurer Laios barely made it back to the surface with his life. He attempts the dungeon again, but money and food are deep within its bowels… Faced with the critical situation where his sister may be digested at any moment, Laios decides: 'Food shall be self-providing from within the dungeon!' Slimes, basilisks, mimics and even dragons! While eating those that attack you, aim to traverse the dungeons, adventurer!"

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