Demon Slayer Movie Is the Seventh Highest-Grossing of 2020 Period

Demon Slayer fans did not know how popular the series would be upon its anime debut, but it is safe to say no one saw its level of success coming. In the time since Tanjiro hit the small screen, Demon Slayer has become one of the hottest titles in Japan. The series has broken sales records time and again. And thanks to a new box office milestone, the anime's first film now ranks as the seventh highest-grossing movie of 2020.

The news came recently when Deadline reported on Demon Slayer's impressive new box office total. The movie has earned more than $197 million USD in Japan alone. When you add in the cash it has made in Taiwan, Demon Slayer's movie has grossed over $200 million USD, and that makes it the seventh highest-grossing movie of the year.

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(Photo: ufotable)

Obviously, this milestone is a huge deal, and it shows how powerful Demon Slayer is on the world stage. It also goes to show how theaters can rebound from COVID after proper measures are taken and observed in the name of public health. Theaters in Japan are operating fairly normally despite the pandemic, and that is because of the nation's health measures. And as you can see, fans flocked to theaters for the chance to see Demon Slayer when it premiered last month.

Of course, the question remains whether Demon Slayer can top the global box office for the year. The movie's collective gross is over $200 million and would next overtake Legend of Deification. It would then have to take down Dolittle, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tenet, Bad Boys for Life, and The Eight Hundred. But if the film can outperform the top spot at $461 million worldwide, then Tanjiro will take home the impressive award.


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