Hayao Miyazaki Perfectly Responds to Demon Slayer's Box Office Success

Studio Ghibli has little competition when it comes to a track record of hits. The company has pushed some of the greatest films ever made to audiences, and its reputation often proceeds itself. Of course, director Hayao Miyazaki is to thank for much of that prestige, and it seems the filmmaker has thoughts on the recent Demon Slayer film beating out a long-held record of his.

The ordeal came to light when a report for LiveDoor spotted Miyazaki on a recent outing. It was there they asked the Studio Ghibli co-founder what they thought about the success of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Mugen Train. And as it turns out, Miyazaki has no thoughts on the topic.

spirited away demon slayer

"It's none of my business. I didn't watch it. I'm a retired old man who picks up trash," Miyazaki told the reporter (via otakujp). Of course, he was right to do so as Miyazaki was questioned about the film while he was collecting trash in his neighborhood. It seems Miyazaki is living up to all the environmental lessons touted by Studio Ghibli, and he is more concerned with litter than Tanjiro.

When asked how he felt knowing Demon Slayer might knock Spirited Away to become Japan's highest-grossing movie, Miyazaki had only this to say: "The world has always been inflated. We need to pick up the trash."

So, there you have it. Miyazaki would much rather fight against waste than any wayward demon. The director has little interest in the box office and the reception of films outside of those from Studio Ghibli. If Demon Slayer does overtake Spirited Away, Miyazaki will be nonplussed about the milestone, and he is not afraid to admit that.


And how close is Demon Slayer to reaching that record? Well, it is way closer than anyone expected. The franchise's first movie has earned over $200 million USD at the Japanese box office in four weeks. Spirited Away earned roughly $300 million during its run overseas, and it did so after a lengthy theatrical stay. Demon Slayer could very easily surpass that total gross and then some by the end of this year.

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