Demon Slayer Movie Updates Staggering Box Office Total

Demon Slayer has been on a box office streak for months now, and it seems the movie is not done reading in cash yet. With a global debut on the horizon, the anime's first film has made serious bank since its October release in Japan. And thanks to a new update, fans know exactly how much money Tanjiro has made in theaters to date.

Cinema Today updates its numbers for Demon Slayer overseas just recently, and the total is mind boggling. As it turns out, the movie has made $347.9 million USD to date which is about 36 billion yen. Tanjiro has sold 26.44 million tickets as of this past Sunday, and this bumped pushed Demon Slayer back to the top spot at the Japanese box office. Last weekend saw the number one spot go to Gintama: The Last during its opening.

Now, Demon Slayer is back on top, and it made nearly $2 million USD this past weekend. That isn't too shabby for a film overseas which first debuted in October 2020. Demon Slayer was number one in Japan for 12 straight weeks following its release, and its return to form brings the movie to 13 weeks overall.

As for its box office standing, Demon Slayer is the number one move at the Japanese box office period. It is now the second highest-grossing anime movie of all-time where the global box office is concerned. Demon Slayer beat out Your Name earlier this year for second place, and there is just a $10 million USD gap separating it from first place.


Can you believe the kind of cash Demon Slayer has made? Do you expect this movie to top the global anime box office or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.