Demon Slayer Movie Keeps the Top Spot at Box Office

If it weren't already clear, Demon Slayer cannot be stopped, and there is no point in trying to [...]

If it weren't already clear, Demon Slayer cannot be stopped, and there is no point in trying to derail it. Not only are the anime and manga living large in terms of sale, but its theatrical debut is taking over the movie industry. The world has turned its eyes to the feature given its shocking success amidst the pandemic. And after earning the top spot at the global box office last weekend, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Mugen Train has done it again!

According to a new report from Eiga, the Japanese box office kept Demon Slayer at its top spot for a second week. The franchise sold nearly 2.3 million tickets for a weekly gross of 3.04 billion yen. These figures help make Demon Slayer the top movie at the box office this week, and the competition wasn't even close.

demon slayer mugen train
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The second spot went to Kimi no Me ga Toikaketeiru as it debuted this past weekend. The film made 170 million in its opening weekend but sold the second most tickets to fans. In terms of gross, the second most lucrative film at the Japanese box office was TENNET at 2.42 billion yen with Violet Evergarden the Movie reaching third place with 1.58 billion yen.

So far, Demon Slayer's hit movie has earned an insane amount of cash. It has grossed a total of 10,754,423,550 billion yen which translates to more than $100 million USD. Nearly eight million tickets have been sold overall, and the feature has hit this figure in just ten days. The film has also broken some of Japan's top box office records, and fans are sure more will be shattered in the coming weeks.

Currently, Demon Slayer has the biggest opening day and opening weekend at the box office. The movie is already the highest-grossing flick of 202 and even managed to top the global box office upon its opening. Now, fans are wondering if Demon Slayer can overtake Spirited Away and Your Name to become the highest-grossing anime movie to date.

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