When Will Demon Slayer Season Two Premiere?

If you are a fan of anime, then there is no doubt you know about Demon Slayer. The series is one [...]

If you are a fan of anime, then there is no doubt you know about Demon Slayer. The series is one of the biggest hits to rise in the industry for some time. The supernatural show exploded in popularity after its anime went live, but fans have been waiting anxiously for season two for years now. At last, an official announcement was made confirming the new season is in the works, but one question remains... Just when will Demon Slayer debut its new season?

Well, there is good and bad news there. The good is that Demon Slayer did announce season two will air in 2021. The bad news is that no release window was given. This means the anime is free to air anytime between now and the new year, but we can make some bets as to when the show will go live.

Demon Slayer announced plans for season two in mid-February, so the chances of it pulling a premiere turnaround by April is slim. That means the series will be kept from the spring 2021 line-up. The summer season could float a premiere this July, but fans are more confident in an October premiere. The fall season aligns with Demon Slayer's most recent project as its most debuted in October 2020. So if it wants to stay on schedule, a fall premiere will do nicely.

As for what season two will cover, Demon Slayer plans to adapt the manga's Entertainment District arc. This story will welcome all-new villains, techniques, and heroes. This arc will directly follow the events of Demon SlayerDemon Slayer's Mugen Train story which was adapted for the big screen. This means you will want to check out the movie before scoping season two out. There are plans to screen Demon Slayer's movie theatrically stateside, but the ongoing spread of COVID-19 has muddled its exact release.

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